Product Development

There are numerous opportunities in New Product Development in dairy sector due to changing consumer trends.

The world may see a paradigm shift in the consumption of food in post Covid era. We are helping new or existing dairy businesses to get market ready products in three categories of Health, indulgence and Convenience

We offer a special service wherein the dairy product of an existing dairy player is tested and tasted against a pool of potential competitors. The comparison is carried out in a holistic manner on areas like Food safety, Authenticity, organoleptic, microbial, shelf life and packaging . Our clients gain insights on the real time standing of their products in the market. We help dairy owners to improve their competitive ranking through product and process based interventions.

Suruchi advises the new dairy startups as well as existing dairy businesses to  introduce innovative dairy products in the market. We help them develop an inventory of new dairy products which could be introduced in the dairy market for better value addition. We follow a strict paradigm of six gate approach to develop market ready product for our clients. We help them in identifying a third party manufacturer and collaborate to produce the innovative dairy product. Dairy beverages, Fermented milk products, Cheese, Sweets, Paneer, Ghee and protein drinks are few of our leading offerings.

Suruchi has a captive NABL accredited laboratory. This laboratory has capability for testing all kinds of milk products for regulatory, microbial and integrity testing like A1/A2, Cow /Buffalo etc. A captive laboratory with global certification help us at each and every stage of product development to ensure  compliance with regulatory and Suruchi Dairy Advisors (Earlier known as Suruchi Consultants) was founded in 1990 by Kuldeep Sharma, a dairy technologist from NDRI Karnal.

Team Suruchi exceeded our expectations while developing and customizing Paneer and Ghee products for our Indian dairy business. They really went the extra mile to turn around our concepts into market ready products well in time while ensuring that they consider all the possible risks related to food safety and regulatory requirements.
Manish Singh
COO, Fonterra Future Dairy